Londoni Gold AG 2014 Update

Dear Londoni Shareholders,

As everyone is aware 2011, 2012 and 2013 were particularly difficult years for the Gold Mining Industry world-wide. Some say that these were the worst years in the history of mining, especially for gold, however, things are already starting to pick up pace in 2014 and we are looking forward to a banner year!

Consequently, in the interest of protecting our shareholders, our investment and the company’s assets, Londoni Gold AG has undertaken a major restructuring so we can be strong going into 2014 and the rest of the decade as gold becomes the most sought after precious metal due to the anticipated upcoming financial crisis and unprecedented printing of fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen.

By a Director’s Resolution it was decided to eliminate the Swiss Holding Company “Londoni Gold AG” and consolidate all Shareholders to Nyamongo Tanzania Limited our original Tanzanian Company which is the beneficial owner of 100% of all the Licenses and assets in Nyamongo, Tanzania.

Mining companies all around the world have restructured or are restructuring to meet the demands and challenges of this new era in mining and exploration so we must as well.

As a result, all Shareholders will be receiving a “one for one” share exchange in Nyamongo Tanzania Limited which will have exactly the same Capital Structure as Londoni Gold AG.

This decision was also made to save us from the financial burden of additional costs of having a Swiss Company and separate Legal and Accounting Firms in a jurisdiction far from our operations. It was deemed to be unviable especially since none of our company’s gold will ever be processed or refined in Switzerland.
Irregardless of the difficult financial constraints of the industry this past year we started developing the most prospective of our (5) Prospecting Licenses which at six square kilometres and on major Fault Lines between two of African Barrick’s largest Open Pit Gold Mines has very strong potential.

Geoffrey Carter last year made a site visit and is in the process of completing the National Instrument 43:101 Technical Report and has been retained to complete the NI 43:101 Resource Calculation.

It was a ‘Coup” when we acquired this PL and it caused major consternation to African Barrick when by good fortune we acquired its Rights.

There has already been much exploration done on this property in addition to previous drilling and Magnetic Surveys we have already completed extensive Geo-Physical and Geo-Chemical Analysis.

It is deemed by experts that we have the potential for a multi-million ounce “World Class” Gold Find on this one PL alone.

We have also commenced the Environmental Certification and have retained Gesco Ltd. to undertake a Feasibility Study for our Mining License application.

2014 is going to be a busy year and we are heartened with the increase in the Gold Price which vindicates our Business Plan as well as the interest we are receiving from very significant investor groups for funding our company.

On another note we have continued to suffer from the Libel and Slander by Terry Blake ( against Bill and I, our Company and our Independent Process Partners Geoffrey Carter and Abiel Kyamanywa.

This has caused us all great Personal and financial harm!

It is preposterous that he has hijacked our company name and formed an English company called Londoni Gold Limited and put up a website with libelous statements and comments that are absolutely and unequivocally untrue.

Blake will pay for the damage he has caused us and continues to wreak havoc on our reputations and business!

We have taken on one of the most aggressive and prestigious Law Firms in London, England and have commenced actions to sue him for multi-million dollar damages in the High Court of England.
We look forward to having our 1st Quarter Conference Call on our return from Tanzania in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we stand strong and are more committed than ever to making our company a tremendous success in the gold industry in Tanzania.

We will not stop, we will not fail!

Yours Sincerely,
Bob Heward